Sunday, June 21, 2009

Still in ICU

Bryan remains in ICU and will continue there until tomorrow or Monday. I stayed with him the last two nights. He wanted me to get a good sleep tonight so I can take the children to church in the morning; so here it is 1:15am and I am posting on the blog. How does one sleep when their spouse is 45 minutes north in a hospital receiving who knows what kind of care in the middle of the night? I can hear Bryan now, "Turn off the computer and go to bed, I am in the Lord's care!" So, I bid you good-night and cast all my cares on Him because He cares for me! (1Peter 5:7)


Keith Miley said...

Praying each day for Bryan, the family and doctors. Also, every day I'm encouraged by what you all share on the blog.
Keith in California

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,

Yes, we are on this roller coaster, as well. I, too, can sympathize with the long nights wondering how I will pass the time and what the next day will hold. Funny how you can "hear" Bryan talking to you in your head. Sean is often telling me "Chillout" and smile a bit. I know God speaks to me through my husband. We pray for you and continued strength and patience as your nurse and parent. Much love and compassion. Jenny Hoffert

Holston Family said...


I was blessed to see you and your children at church today. I know you are a blessing to all of the women at the church who know and see what you are doing for Bryan...and your children. His strength is perfect. Thank you for relying on Him and therefore being a precious example to us.

We hope and pray to hear Bryan preach very soon.

God bless your week!
Heather Holston