Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Bend in the Road

Things were going quite well over the past couple of days. Dad was enjoying the taste of food again, although limited by his diet restrictions. He has gained 11 pounds, for which we are very thankful!

This morning, he had a 104 degree fever and was feeling quite weak. Mom took him to Swedish, in Seattle. Upon arrival, his fever was gone (Praise the Lord!!) but he had extremely low blood pressure and was quite dehydrated. They did all kinds of test and cultures to find a cause for the fever and decided to admit him because of the low blood pressure. The doctors think he had/has some kind of infection and are going to keep him 24-48 hours until they have the blood work back. He is currently on antibiotics (for possible infection), as well as medication to bring his blood pressure back to normal range. He is doing much better tonight--especially with all the fluids back in him. We are not really sure what caused the dehydration. They are still trying to find the right TPN (nutrition IV) mixture for his body, perhaps he just needs more fluids.

Please continue to pray. The journey continues!

Isaiah 41
Sarah, for the Pollock Clan


Dina said...

Sarah, did you really mean 11 pounds? I just noticed that a person who left a message [above] wrote that and I was like "Whoa! How did I miss that???" and then I looked below and saw that you had posted one below your mom's that I hadn't seen. This seems astonishing to me! Please confirm! Sincerely, Denese :)

Bryan and Susan said...

Yes, 11 pounds! Isn't that wonderful?