Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Roller Coaster Ride

Yesterday morning we went to Swedish Hospital due to a fever of 104.5. By God's grace the lobby was not full and we got right in. The staff worked quickly, drawing 8 bottles of blood for blood cultures. We await the results--it takes 48 hours. Basic diagnosis is sepsis due to his blood pressure being low, at one point 68/35, rapid heart rate (130)and the high fever! The fever actually broke on the way to the hospital, which is a miracle in itself. He is in the medical/coronary intensive care unit and will most likely remain in the hospital until Friday or until we get the results of the cultures to determine the cause of the infection. He's stable after administration of antibiotics and medicine to return his BP to normal. He is, also, in good spirits and thankful for warm blankets.

Swedish is a long drive from home--about 45 minutes, but it was worth the trip. We actually see our own doctors there rather than having the confusing phone conversations like last time at St. Joe's. Also, my brother, who lives in Southern California, was in Seattle on business last night. He considered driving down to Tacoma, but knew Tuesday was Bryan's chemo day so thought it wouldn't be good time to come. It worked out his hotel is about 10 blocks from the hospital so he walked up to say hello and took me to dinner. It was a good visit. Thanks, Jeff! Another surprise, Brett McKinley brought Jonathan up to see Bryan. I know they had a good time of fellowship coming and going and with Bryan.

I'm returning to Seattle this morning. Please pray for safety as I travel back and forth through the traffic. I am so thankful I don't drive this as a regular commute--so many people do!

God is faithful and I know He operates the roller coaster so I'll throw my hands up and enjoy the ride!!


Nanci Smith said...

continuing to pray for the medical concerns!
I love your comment that "God operates the rollercoaster" :)

How wonderful that Bryan has gained 11 pounds! That is amazing after all the weight loss.

Dina said...

Wow, what a day! I'm so glad for the update (although I wasn't expecting THIS kind of update!) I pray for you guys every day, but I THINK of Bryan every time I eat a fork full of something tasty and I thank God for it and wonder what kind of "soft" foods Bryan is eating...the tastebuds are certainly a source of pleasure and I am more grateful than ever for tasting and chewing, and swallowing I guess, since that can actually be taken away! God bless you with safe travels! Will be looking back frequently to see what the test results say! God bless, Dina

Bryan and Susan said...

We are very thankful for the weight gain! The doctors are continuing his TPN in the hospital plus extra fluids and he is eating. Hopefully, we will not have a weight loss like previous hospital stays.