Thursday, June 18, 2009

Most Likely Not Going Home Today

I just got off the phone with Bryan. One of his two doctors saw him this morning and said they will most likely keep him one more day to discharge him from ICU to a regular room and to continue to monitor how he is managing his blood pressure without the medication. Dr. Cunningham, Dr. Chen's partner, also said Dr. Poppas, the ICU doctor, has the final say when Bryan will leave the unit. The blood cultures have not grown anything yet, which has everyone surprised.

Bryan slept well the last two nights. He is eating well. All body functions are normal, this means no blockages! He looks great and feels well. Pray for stable blood pressure today so he can come home tomorrow and prepare for Sunday to preach the sermon he wrote yesterday!

Rejoicing in the goodness of God!


Nanci Smith said...

What wonderful news!

Rejoicing with you.

Nanci Smith said...

Of course, I meant good news that nothing has grown in the cultures and that all body functions are normalizing, not that he is not coming home today :)