Monday, June 22, 2009

A Step in the Right Direction

After a grim and discouraging morning, the day has ended on a high point! The blood pressure IV has been turned off!!!!! Dad was slowly weaned off it this afternoon and is now completely off and holding steady on his own! He is taking a oral blood pressure medication which is also helping. If he does well through the night and stays steady, he will (hopefully) leave the ICU tomorrow. If everything goes as planned, we hope he will be home in a couple days.

Overall, it has turned into a very encouraging day! Mom was quite blessed by the food and knitting supplies that Evelyn Raymond brought to her today. I know it has been a challenge to find good and inexpensive food at the hospital. So the delivery of home cooked food was such a blessing! Thank you, Mrs. Raymond!

Please pray the blood pressure will remain steady through the night and Dad will be able to move to a regular floor tomorrow, and rejoice with us in this encouraging news!

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Mrs. R said...

YaHoo!!! Oh God is good. What a blessing to see this progress. When I was there this afternoon there didn't seem to be any progress. Look at how quickly the Lord can turn things around!!

I am very, very glad to be able to do something to bless your wonderful mom!

Oh and Mr. Raymond says about Bryan being moved to the Progressive Unit... "but isn't Bryan a conservative??"!!!
~Mrs. R