Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Encouraging Day

Bryan will be coming home tomorrow! What a direct answer to my randomness this morning. He will be on TPN, which we will administer at home while he sleeps at night. He will still not be able to eat, although the doctor suggested chewing food and then spitting it out. The process stimulates the bowel and keeps it active. I read this article in Prevention Magazine last Tuesday while at chemo...

Chew on This
Gum can help you recover more quickly after certain surgeries.
Heather Lee, a Prevention editorial assistant.
If you've had abdominal surgery, smacking on a stick of gum may help you recover more quickly. Researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center asked 102 patients who'd undergone colon surgery to chew gum for 15 minutes four times a day or just sip clear fluids. The gum group's bowel function returned within 3 days of the operation (compared with 3 1/2), and they went home nearly a full day earlier.
Chewing gum can also help prevent the temporary loss of digestive function common after other abdominal surgeries, such as C-sections and hysterectomies. The act of chewing may signal to the gut that food is on the way, encouraging it to become active.

...little did I know I would be applying that very information a week later! In God's economy there are no mistakes. He ordains all things for His glory.

Thanks for your prayers!

P.S. Bryan has to circle the ward 12 times to equal the trip to McKinley and back. He did it twice today! I'm looking forward to accomplishing this in a straight line without pushing an IV pole!


Nanci Smith said...

Susan, your beautiful and heartfelt post yesterday was with me all day. If your love alone could heal Bryan, it certainly would!
How blessed you are to have the cord of three strands.

FYI about gum...we use a brand called Peelu that has no artificial coloring or dyes like most gum does. Our autistic son can't have any artifical colorings and we use this gum when he has an urge to chew on his clothing (I'm currently out of it and awaiting an order this week. Let me know if you need some). We get ours through Azure co-op, but I have heard Trader Joe's may have something similar. This may be a more healthy option to not further tax his already hard-at-work system.

May the Lord continue to strengthen and uphold you. You are always in our prayers

Carolyn Young said...

Praise be to God! My heart went out to you hearing your random thoughts. I don't think I would be able to sleep with my husband away in the hospital either. I am blessed to hear about your precious relationship with each other and with God.

much love,
Carolyn, for the Youngs

Mrs. Jeannie Mitchell said...

Dear Bryan and Susan,
You are in our thoughts and prayers...again and again....