Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free Parking!

A week ago today, Bryan was admitted to Swedish Hospital in Seattle. This means we no longer have to pay the $10 per day parking fee for patients. What a savings, considering he has been in ICU all these days. I am so thankful for good insurance!

God graciously has seen fit to move Bryan from ICU to the oncology floor. The issue of low blood pressure continues, but with the aid of an oral medication he is able to remain stable at an acceptable level and no longer dependent on the IV blood pressure med which was keeping him in the ICU. His only complaint at this time is nausea caused by an undetermined source. He had some physical therapy this afternoon to help him regain strength in his legs since he has been laying in bed for seven days. The therapist, who will come again tomorrow, was surprised at how well he did considering how little muscle mass he has. This hospital stay has cost him 14 pounds. We are now three pounds in the hole from where we started after leaving St. Joe's earlier this month. The stent is working fine, and I can't wait to get him home and start feeding him well.

Thank you for your continual prayers!

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Anonymous said...

God is good. Yes, get him home and feed him well! We continue to pray for you all.
much love,
Carolyn, for the Youngs