Monday, June 22, 2009

Hospitalization Day 7

The hospitalization continues.... We all visited Dad last night to celebrate Fathers Day with him. It was a short stay due to his weakness, but he was glad to see everybody! We chatted for a bit and then prayed before leaving. Our friends, the McKinleys, came up there with us and drove us kids back home so Mom could stay.

I talked with Mom this morning and she was quite discouraged. The blood pressure medication doesn't seem to be working. They keep having to raise it instead of weaning him off of it. His blood pressure remains pretty low, but with no symptoms. Yesterday, the nurse let him sit up and put his feet off the side of the bed. But, his blood pressure dropped due to the movement and the nurse quickly put him back in bed. He won't be able to leave the ICU until he is weaned off the blood pressure medication, so pray that his blood pressure will stabilize. Dad is not discouraged in the least bit. He is resting in God's grace and sovereignty.

Tomorrow will mark the one week point of this stay in the ICU, which means that parking will be free, a blessing that mom can enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you could all be together on Father's Day, even though it was a short visit. I know it was a blessing for Bryan to be with each one of his precious children. He is blessed, indeed, to have each one of you.

I had to smile at your comment about the free parking. You guys are good at finding the silver linings in the clouds!

We are praying that Bryan's blood pressure will return to normal and stay there without the medication. You are all in thoughts and prayers continually.

Joy Ng

Laura said...

We are praying for you everyday, dear Pollock family! We love and support you!