Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

Blogger is messing with my mind, but that is easy to do these days! This was a fast paced week full of many activities which kept me from keeping everyone posted. Bryan had a great week after the blood transfusion. He felt well enough to attend church again and didn't need the aid of the wheelchair.

The blackouts and jitters have ended. We have the electrolytes balanced which helps many things! He is still dealing with the biliary drain site infection. We will begin IV antibiotics today. He doesn't seem to be absorbing the oral antibiotics enough to make an impact so the doctor thought the IV would. Please pray for this infection to be eradicated!

His bilirubin level climbed to 10 this week. I was disappointed with this news, but my solid rock husband said he wasn't and is resting on the sovereignty of God. The elevated bili prevented the infusion of the CPT-11 which would help address the rising CEA. Bryan's CEA just yo-yos; last month being 6 and this month 38! His infection could have an impact on the CEA as it can register inflammatory cells as well as cancer cells because it is not a colon cancer specific test.

The edema has him weighing in at 118. I sure would like to know his dry weight. Hopefully, it is increasing, too. On a side note, some mornings with his hair loss and fluid in his face he looks like a bald Richard Nixon.

Waiting on God for healing. Thanks for your continual encouragement and prayers!


Dina said...

Hi Bryan and Susan...SO GLAD you posted--thank you! :) I loved reading "but my SOLID ROCK husband said he wasn't..." I wonder how many "pity-parties" I have thrown out the window before they even got started, in the past 8 months or so, because you two are so awesome about trusting in the Lord for all things, come what may? You are an inspiration and a blessing to me, still!!! Thank you!!! Love and prayers for you both, Dina

Anonymous said...

How God has chosen to shine through the Pollock family continues to strengthen and bless my soul. I cant tell you how many times i am brought to tears as i read your blogs and watch your beautiful children at church. (some of the tears may come because of my pregnancy, i tend to be a little emotional these days)Susan, thank you for setting a godly example of serving your husband, it speaks louder than any words you could ever use...that being said, I miss you! We love you all!

Victoria said...

You said you were waiting on God for a healing, but you know, as I see prayer answered every day in small ways, I think the healing is already going on. The trust in the Most Powerful by a staunch pastor is shared when we need it most, the love and dedication of his helpmeet speaks to our hearts, the shining innocence that can only come from inspired children, all speak of healing. Perhaps this healing will be manifested in a better physical condition, but I think it reaches further out too, by inspiring the world recognize these Godly qualities that make our world a better place.

Jeannie said...

Dear Pollock family,
Thank you Susan for keeping us updated. I was doing a devotion today with my daughter and it was brought up what this particular author could have done better in being an example to her childen, she said "trusting God in everything." Your faith in these trying times is such a glory to our Savior! We will keep praying. This is one time that I appreciate computers!