Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Prayer

Didn't make it to church on Sunday. Neither Bryan nor I slept well Saturday night and he felt too weak to make a go of it. Our goal is to make it this Sunday, Lord willing.

Went to chemo on Tuesday. Bryan had the regular elixir of life minus the CPT. Bilirubin levels were too high, again. A discouraging surprise was his hematocrit. After the three units of blood, his crit was only 26.1. Then, on the way home from chemo he started bleeding into the biliary drain bag, again! He continues to bleed off and on so we will contact the doctor in the morning to determine a need for blood. My guess is yes; but, you never know.

Bryan was very determined to attend prayer meeting tonight, even in his weakened state. We bundled him up and headed out. We arrived a little late, but he was glad to be "with the people and praying with the saints."

Keep praying for strength, and for an end to the bleeding and hiccups. We appreciate all the intercession!!


Terri W said...

Bryan and Susan -
I am praying for our all sufficient Father to continue to carry each of you moment by moment as you walk out this journey. I have been watching the blog for updates and praying continuously - that Bryan would be touched by the healing hand of our Father, that Susan would be carried by the strong arms of our Father and that your home would be covered by the Peace of His presence in a mighty way! It is a privilege to bring you and yours before the throne ... you are being strong and faithful warriors - may His strength equip you in your perseverance!
In Him!

Joan said...

It was so good to see all of you last night, Susan. We love you!