Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lord's Day

We didn't go to church today. Yesterday, wasn't good for Bryan so he requested we all stay home for family worship. We had a good time singing favorite hymns, Jonathan read Psalm 93 and Bryan gave a short devotional. We concluded with a time of prayer for friends and family. I love to hear my little ones is so sweet and sincere from their hearts.

Hiccups kept him up all night Friday night and most of the day Saturday. He slept without them last night, truly a blessing. But, he has them again this afternoon! They seem to have a mind of their own.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bryan and Susan:

I just found your website because of the title. I am sitting here with a 10 month old little boy on my lap with an oxygen tube in his nose and a short season left before the kingdom seeking season of his life will be over and he will be present with the Lord in the kingdom that will never end or fail. Our family will be praying for yours as you also journey to the city that needs no light. May God's great strength and peace be yours through Christ Jesus our Lord and may you also know "a joy for every sorrow".

Holston Family said...

We missed you today dear Pollock family. We're glad though that you spent the day together, rejoicing and having devotions at home.
We're praying for a great upcoming Tuesday for Bryan. God bless you Pastor Bryan. We remember just months ago how you said you're going to be a fighter with this cancer, and a fighter you are. Makes one fall on their knees to repentence for the everyday "blahs" we tend to complain about.

Blessings to your family,

The Holston Family

Mrs. Theresa Frees said...

For David saith of him, I saw afar the Lord before me evermore, for he is on my right half, that I be not moved.

I love to hear my little ones pray as well. My older daughters were over last night and I was blessed to watch them hugging and gossiping like little girls again what a joy they are to each other; The older one (Crista) counseling the younger (Jessica) on my new grandson due next month. It brings a sweetness to my soul.
Praise the Father.

You’re always in my thoughts.
Love and prayers from Eugene

Nanci Smith said...

Here's a beautiful song about the gospel story about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

"Lord we don't understand why you've waited so long" it says in the song. I pray that this song encourages you today that though He seems "late" in coming like He seemed to Mary and Martha, He had an even greater miracle for them then they could have imagined.

Praying every single day for that miracle.

Art Lutz said...

Remember the 'old' song "Onward Christian Soldiers"? You guys are not marching off to war, but you are marching onward for Jesus. I am sure that God will give you both the Medal of Honor.

Your friend ( even though we have never met),