Thursday, October 8, 2009

IV Antibiotics

I have a new skill to add to the long list of medical skills I have acquired in the past 9 months---IV antibiotics. A nurse, Joy, came to our house this afternoon to show me how and now I am on my own for the next 6 days. Piece of cake! Actually, I have been applying garlic oil to the infection while waiting to start the antibiotics; this was a good choice since it has been the most successful treatment!

Bryan had a good day today; lots of naps, a dressing change, some antibiotics and a Cornhusker win! His edema has significantly reduced, without increased output, which means the fluid went back into his blood stream where it is supposed to be. Thank you, Lord!


Brenda said...

Thank you for your continual updates. It helps us to pray specifically. Praise God for the reduced edema, may He heal that infection once and for all.

Dina said...

Awwww, that's GREAT--PRAISE GOD!!! You should be nearly qualified as a nurse soon! And with a great [gentle smile, gentle touch] bed-side manner, I'm sure! Hope you both have a good weekend. (Still no hiccups, right?) Love, Dina

Art Lutz said...

Hi Susan--You mentioned "a Cornhusker win" in your Oct 8th report. Arcdadia Nebraska (not far from Grand Island) is where my folks were from and where I would spend summers when I was a younster. Just wondering if Bryan is from Nebraska or whether he adopted the "Big Red" out of his love for football.

I suppose you are feeling like a Jack, or should I say Jackie, of all trades when it comes to your new found nursing skills. I am happy to hear that Bran has had a few good days.

Blessings to you both!

Art Lutz

Bryan and Susan said...

Art- Bryan's parents are from Geneva and Ewing. His dad gave him the love for "Big Red" football. We went to Nebraska in 1995 and Bryan and our two older boys were able to walk the field at Memorial Stadium. If God allows, I would like to get tickets for the Nebraska/UW game next year which will be played in Seattle.

Dina-You are always so encouraging! Thanks for your prayers! He hasn't had hiccups for a few days, we're praying they are over forever!

Brenda- Thanks for 20 years of friendship and prayers!