Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Good Day; Praying for Tomorrow

Bryan had a good day at home and is looking forward to fellowshipping with the Pilgrim family tomorrow. I won't hold my breath, but will pray we can see everyone tomorrow as we celebrate Reformation Sunday.


Anonymous said...

We watch this blogspot and appreciate that you are sharing your lives with us. You are in our thoughts and prayers continually. May you feel God's presence particularly close tonight and may He grant you all restful sleep.

Joy Ng

Art Lutz said...

Dear Susan and Bryan,
Your journey is sure one for the books. "Our journey through suffering" is certainly a good name for it. Each time I read your blog it is like being on a roller coaster, I never know what to expect, other than it will be an up or down report. Sometimes it seems to be more on the "level" side, but we know that will only be short lived. You guys are in the hearts of many who are living your live vicariously.
I continue to play my small part,by praying for your heroic journey, which is a tribute to God.

Art Lutz