Monday, October 19, 2009

Thanking God for His Goodness

This morning Bryan had a blood draw and his hematocrit was 25.9. This is borderline for a transfusion, but since it was 29.0 last Tuesday the doctor has ordered two units to be infused on Thursday, this week. Bryan feels very weak and has chosen not to go to chemo tomorrow. I think it will be a good rest for him and with the fresh blood he should be ready to fight again next week.

Thank you so much for your prayers of recent days. We did not go to church Sunday, but had a good time of family worship, again, singing hymns, reading scripture and praying. Bryan has not had any hiccups since going to bed Saturday night! Praise God for His mercy! Also, the infection seems to have cleared finally from the biliary drain site. Your prayers have been heard and answered in a mighty way and we are very thankful! He told me Sunday evening, after 24 hours of no bleeding and no hiccups, he had renewed hope and wants to press on!


Laura said...

Praise the Lord! We stand with you in prayer!

Joan said...

We are thanking God with you! Missed you on Sunday, but are glad you had a good time at home. You all are precious to us.