Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A New Hospital

Bryan is currently an inpatient at Allenmore Hospital here in Tacoma. His bleeding returned voraciously on Monday night, and yesterday his hematocrit was 19.8 which, of course, is a critical level. By the time we contacted all necessary medical personnel it was too late for him to receive infusions in the clinic, but the doctors didn't want him to wait until today, so they admitted him. He got three units throughout the night. The bleeding continues. The hospitalist thinks the rising bilirubin level and the bleeding may be related due to an improperly placed biliary drain. Thus, Bryan will have an ultrasound today to take a look at his liver and the drain placement. I am so excited! I have been asking for action regarding this drain since Aug. 31--the first episode of bleeding! Bryan is resting well and is very happy to be able to get the blood. Maybe we will get some answers to solve some problems which have been lingering a little too long! It's always nice to get a fresh perspective on the situation. Thanks for your prayers!


Dina said...

Boy, that would be GREAT! [If the bleeding has a fixable cause, the biliary drain.] Too bad it took something so severe to get them to do the ultrasound, but at least it's finally happening! Praise God! Please give Bryan our love. The Allen Family

Art Lutz said...

Dear Bryan and Susan,
Christianity is a theology of hope, and we hope that this recent episode will lead to a fixable solution to Bryan's bleeding.
We move forward with hope and the believe that God will redeem us into his eternal family of love, peace and joy.

Art Lutz

Mama B said...

Wow! What a series of events. Yes, we will pray with you that this new "perspective" might yield healing results in more ways than one--through God's grace & mercy.

We LOVE YOU, miss you, and are with you in spirit and in prayer.
Michael, Susan, & All

Luke's Mom said...

Praying that God will reach down His Healing Hand right now and touch Bryan. Also praying that God will continue to bless you Susan with His amazing strength and joy. I was just thinking about y'all a little earlier today wondering if you could use another meal. I will call you to see if that's a need.

Love in Christ,
Sue Searles

Nanci said...

Continuing to lift your family in prayer every single day.

On days like today, when my son with autism is raging and out of control, I come to your blog and I think "I can hold on. I can persevere through Christ Jesus". I look at how much more you all have to bear than I do and how the Lord gives you the strength to press on and I have hope.

I am certain you are a light in the hospital and the dr's offices and are doing great kingdom work in your suffering.

Praying you get the answers you need.

Mrs. R said...

We are praying that the reason for the bleeding will be found and fixed!!

May the God of all comfort sustain you during this trial.

We miss you.

~Mrs. R