Monday, August 31, 2009

Looking Forward to Good Things

Bryan was able to preach yesterday. I received many comments from people who thought he seemed stronger than two weeks ago.

This morning he told me he will be finishing up his messages for our church camping trip today. Our friends, the Youngs, have blessed us with the use of their trailer for the weekend so Bryan will not have to sleep in a tent and we won't have to drive to a motel (which we have done the past two years). The children are so excited. Hannah packed her bag last night and told me what all I need to do today to get ready to go. I am fully aware of what it takes to prepare 11 people for a 5 day outing!! This year will be a little tricky with the addition of TPN and hydration, tubes and drains and dressings! I am not complaining, but thanking God that our dad gets to be with us on this camping trip. Not too many months ago did I even see it to be a reality.

Thank you, Lord, for Your gift of life for my husband! Your mercies are new every morning, great is Your faithfulness!


Dina said...

Awwww...that is SO GREAT!!! I believe you have at least a couple of kids who like to take pictures...I hope they take a lot! Wonderful memories to treasure--the BLESSINGS OF GOD!!! You will be one busy Mamma, getting everything ready! Make sure the kids' have backup camera batteries ready! (Unless they can charge them in the trailer?) Have a WONDERFUL time!!! Love, Dina

TJ said...

Praising God for the small hurdles! Another message from Bryan's heart from God HAS to be a blessing! Enjoy the camping trip! We're looking forward to meeting Stephen's folks this week. TJ