Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We're Home!

Finally, we are all together once again. It was great having a family prayer time tonight in our living room.

When I tucked Bryan in bed he said he felt like he had run a mile. For his body, I am sure he did. Walking from the garage, up the back steps, to the living room is a long walk for someone who hasn't been more than two steps from the side of his bed for four days. He also took two--five minute walks around the nurses station today. Lots of energy output for a low energy guy.

We are trying to establish a new normal. The gastric drain means no food or drink orally except for a few swallows to take some medication. All inputs and outputs must be measured to make sure he is receiving enough fluids and maintaining electrolyte balance through the TPN, his IV nutrition.

We go to chemo tomorrow. Our plan is to ask Dr. Chen the risks vs benefits of infusing the CPT-11 if the bilirubin is still too high. We really need to get started on this chemotherapy to knock out the cancer. The hiccups continue, but are mildly controlled by some medication; side effect--drowsiness. Sometimes he chooses to skip the medication because he wants to be alert with hiccups rather than a zombie without.

Thank you for your prayers, love, fasting, rides for the kids, babysitting, meals, cards and calls!
Words are not able to express the gratefulness we both feel for the outpouring of love from our friends and family!

I'm tired and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. Good-night and God bless!!


Mrs. Theresa Frees said...

Even knowing you would pass the cup and would rather not be admired in this way - remember You are truly blessed to know the Living God; so many suffer in ways that you will never know - for they do all this apart from his cradling arms; with out the family or friends or church or faith & without HOPE, hope for His miracle of total recovery & hope for~ the promise of forever.
May our Lord give you the ability to feel
your total submersion in the prayers of the saints.
Love in Christ,
Mrs. Frees

Dina said...

Ah....wise words, Mrs. Frees! And I agree: Life without hope = hopeless. So thankful that because of Jesus we don't have to live without HOPE! So glad you are back in your own bed..."There's no place like home!" And with heaven as our future home, our future looks bright, indeed! God bless you both, Love, Dina