Sunday, August 16, 2009


It was wonderful to hear and see my husband preaching on First Peter from the pulpit this morning. It took all his energy and he slept during the fellowship meal. He is sleeping now while receiving a bag of fluids.

I'll start the TPN around 8:00 tonight; it will run for 12 hours. We are adjusting to all the new drains and bags. At one point yesterday, Bryan had 4 bags attached to his body. It makes walking rather difficult so he stays in his chair and has other people get things for him. The time adjustment on the TPN will make it easier for him to start walking further than the bedroom to the living room. We hope to get at least 10 minutes of walking per day this week.

I know he will receive the Erbitux on Tuesday, but it may be too soon to get an infusion of CPT-11 (also called Camptosar or irinotecan) since he had one on Thursday. He may have to wait until next Tuesday for it. This may be a good thing because it will give his frail body time to adjust to the chemo and to continue to heal from the recent gastric drain placement.

Resting in Him,


Joan said...

Susan, it's good to get your updates, and we were so glad to hear Bryan preach this morning. I was hoping to talk with you after the service, but was glad to see other people benefiting from your company! :) May the Lord continue to bless you with peace and strength.

Art Lutz said...

Hi Susan--On Aug 14th you shared your and Bryan's "life verses". Bryans choice from the book of Job seems most appropriate since he is living out somewhat the same kind of experience that Job did as he shares with everyone his love and unbending faith for God. You too chose a verse that is proof that anything is possible through our faith in Jesus Christ.

You are both beautiful examples of what it means to be a true and faithful servant.

Art Lutz

Dina said...

Hi Susan! I was just thinking..."God made you strong [having and teaching and taking care of all your kids] for a reason!!!" All the while He was preparing you...and we know not what for, until faced with a crisis such as is at hand! Someone typed this on this on here a few months ago and I printed it and read it every few true still, and more: "Sorrow came to you yesterday, and emptied your home. Your first impulse is to give up, and sit down in despair amid the wrecks of your hopes. But you DARE NOT do it. You are in the line of battle, and the crisis is at hand. To falter a moment would be to imperil some holy interest. Other lives would be harmed by your pausing, holy interest would suffer, should your hands be folded [except in prayer!]. You must not linger even to indulge your grief." I think that was from the Streams in the Desert book? Anyway, I think of it, and you, and I just know God is pleased with how you both are going through this with such love and grace. God bless you today. Love, Dina

Terri said...

Bryan and Susan -
I check in every few days for an update. I am continuing to ask for God's healing touch on Bryan's life and in the mean time strength, love and endurance from above. May each of you experience the sweetness of the Lord today and every day!
Terri Whitehouse