Friday, August 28, 2009

Reaching Goals

Yesterday, after returning from Swedish for bile drain tube replacement, Bryan walked around the block! It was warm and I think it tuckered him out; he slept the rest of the afternoon.

The hiccups continue off and on. The off time is really a blessing and we keep hoping they will not return, but alas they do. He had almost 24 hours free late Wednesday to Thursday, but they returned just before going to bed. Disappointing timing!

Still fighting the low blood pressure. Yesterday's nurse said she hovers in the 80's for systolic pressure. I guess it is just a new normal for Bryan. I get a little jumpy when he stands and walks too quickly. Although he weighs only 102, it is still pretty heavy when it is dead weight, so I prefer he not faint!


Dina said...

Susan, when I have had a cold where I coughed a lot, after a while, it really hurt and my whole abdomen felt bruised each time I coughed. Does Bryan have soreness from all the hiccups? Or is it "simply" [just kidding] annoying? I actually have always thought the times I got hiccups were kind of neat, if I was home, and the kids and I could laugh like "the louder the better", but if I ever had them for even a day, I'm sure my attitude would change in a big hurry! Feeling/hearing that first one coming (afer a reprieve) must be such a bummer. Well, God bless you both today, you are a fountain of hope and strength, because of Him! Love, Dina

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan--And so it goes from day to day, fighting the good fight and resting in the theology of hope. Living each day in total submission to God's will.

As previously mentioned one of my favorite verses is 1 Corinthians 13:12. Today we do not see clearly, but someday we shall see even as God now sees us. Someday we will understand more clearly what and why God planned as He did.

Thank you both for helping us to see more clearly.

Art Lutz

Victoria said...

Sending you love, love, love.
I love your inspiration.
I love your trust.
I love your hope.

I am burnished by it, reflecting Him better by this ennobling polish.