Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Family Reunion

I was too tired to post last night! Yesterday, my parents, from Portland, and my brother and his family, from Southern California, came to our house for a 2009 birthday party. We all had a delightful time including an edible present exchange, cake (with everyone's name on it) and ice cream. Bryan enjoyed the festivities, too. When they were getting ready to leave, Bryan stood up to say good-bye and within seconds I saw his eyes glass over so ran to his side to gracefully lower him back into the chair as he blacked out. This is the fourth day in a row of a hypotensive blackout. We have added some potassium to his saline this morning and increased the sodium in his TPN hoping this will balance out the electrolytes so he can maintain his blood pressure. We have added back the medication to help raise it, too. Hopefully, these new additions will help keep him even keeled.

The hiccups continue to be intermittent. He has been hiccup free now for about 14 hours! We can pray they stay away which helps him sleep well.

He is planning on preaching in the morning. Pray for strength of body and voice.


Bryan and Susan said...

just checking delivery

Victoria said...

Sat at church this morning (communion Sunday) thinking of God's glory and holiness. May it reach into your lives with power and grace.