Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Raining!

I am a native Northwesterner and often times I am very thankful for the rain. Today is no exception, although it was a bit different than usual with thunderstorms and all. Today's rain has a deeper meaning to me. My love of literature and of rain culminates in Ernest Hemingway and something I learned in American Lit. The climactic portions or significant events are marked by rain in his books. Definitely not a man of God and I am not to say I live by Hemingway's novels, but I am surprised how often it rains at significant times in my life--I do live in the Pacific Northwest, and the probability of rain is great! But after such a long dry spell, today's rain was significant because Bryan received the CPT-11 infusion today!

This is the first since May 26th. The cancer has taken advantage of this and we need to fight it back down. We chose to go ahead with the CPT-11 although the bilirubin level is still a bit elevated. This could lead to increased liver toxicity, but which is worse, cancer overtaking the liver or possible liver toxicity? I sure don't know, but it does feel great to know something is attacking the enemy!

Tonight we are thanking God for chemo, rain, Dr. Chen, and God's provision of all these good things.


Nanci Smith said...

I was thinking the same exact thing yesterday when I heard the thunder...that there must have been a victory celebrated in Heaven yesterday!

Praying that the victory was eradication of the cancer.

Jerry and Brenda said...

We too are rejoicing in this merciful answer to our prayer. May God bless the chemo for ultimate healing.

Anonymous said...

Father God, thank you for the CPT-11 treatment and for the wisdom and compassion of Bryan's medical team. Please use the medicine to attack and destroy every last cancer cell. We also ask that you protect Bryan's liver from damage and strengthen his immune system. Grant Bryan and Susan both restful sleep and comfortable days. We know that you send down showers in season and that there will be showers of blessing. (EZ 34:26)Please send an abundance of those showers to Bryan, Susan and their children. We are trusting you with them. Joy

Brenda Ng said...

Psalm 18, May this be the song of the Pollock Family today!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan--I enjoyed your comments about rain and living in the Northwest. I can understand your and Bryan's desire to attack the enemy (cancer) even though the circumstances are far from ideal. Like you I am a native Northwesterner--(born 1937 in Portland, Or.) when children walked to school, doors were left unlocked, gas was 17 Cents a gallon, etc.

I am praying for Bryan, yourself and your family.


Jeannie said...

We are praying, and stand in amazement at the strength the Lord is giving you and your family. It is glorifying His name.

Anonymous said...

Susan, you are right about the fact that God doesn’t promise not to give us more than we can handle. I always thought that was scriptural until I recently read a book called Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart (which I highly recommend). It pointed out the fact that God doesn’t promise that at all. He promises not to allow us to be TEMPTED beyond what we are able to bear… and He does promise to be with us through all of our difficulties and to give us His strength. Just like you said, Susan, it is Jesus who helps us to carry the load… and the load does seem awfully heavy at times. Prayers continue to be sent to the Throne of Grace from Kodiak for you. Thank you for posting so faithfully. We check for updates numerous times each day... and pray specifically each time. Joy