Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Camping vs. Swedish Resort

Last night at 11:00pm Bryan's body decided it wanted to rest at the Swedish "resort" before we go camping. He discovered blood running into the bile drain bag, I called Dr. Chen and off we went to Seattle with Jonathan to assist. The ER was quiet and we were in and to a bed in the ICU within 3 hours! The doctors are scratching their heads not knowing what caused the now ceased blood flow. It was significant enough to need to transfuse 2 units. No chemo today, obviously! With the blood and no chemo, Bryan says he's feeling well and still intends to go camping with the gang. Amazing!! Hopefully, he will be discharged tomorrow and we can get moving with our plans. God's ways are definitely not our ways, but His way is perfect. God be praised for His continual provision to meet the needs of my husband and our family!

PS Daniel, 9, said, "Too bad Swedish doesn't have a swimming pool."


Nanci Smith said...

A merry heart is good, like medicine! Thank You, Lord, for sweet little children like your Daniel who keeps you merry in the hard times with funny comments!

praying without ceasing for you all

Anonymous said...

Seattle Children's Hospital does have a pool... Guess we chose a better resort!!!!! :)

We're praying that you will all be able to go on the camping trip. It sounds like a very special time.