Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Parenthetical Day

Chemo was an okay day on Tuesday. Just as I predicted, Bryan's red count was low and the bilirubin high (although, down from last week!). He has been so fatigued with all the blood loss (which no one knows where it is coming from) and he is jaundiced. He had an alarming 6 pound weight gain, but before we can woohoo about it, we must acknowledge the edema he is experiencing in his extremities (arms, hands, feet and legs, oh and his face, too). Most likely his dry weight remains the same.

His hematocrit was 25.1, which was the ticket to get two units of blood this afternoon (in Tacoma, yeah!). After the transfusion, he feels much better. The lightheadedness is virtually gone and he has more pep. He stayed up and watched the children play a game (TABOO, that's the name of the game) this evening. Lately, he's been going to bed by 9:00 and I think he turned out his light about 11:00.

Praise number (1) (almost fearful to even mention it though) no more hiccups!!! The last hiccups I heard were Monday night. What a relief for Bryan to be set free from this plague. Waiting patiently for the deliverance from the cancer. We keep hoping the bleeding is dying tumors (they are very vascular!).

Praise number (2) Dr. Chen would like Bryan to challenge his ability to process food. We will be adding clear liquids and clamping his gastric drain to see if things process in the proper manner. This should help prevent his (continuing) dehydration.

Thanking God this evening for a husband who looks and feels better than before the camping trip. Looking forward to God restoring him to the energy level he had before the cancer.

I had better say good night (before I have to say good morning!)


Brenda said...

Praise God for the relief from the hiccups!! We will be praying expectantly for the digestive process. May God show His Power and Mercy, an encouragement to you all and to us. ~Brenda

Nanci Smith said...

Not only has the Lord given you grace, Susan, but also incredible wisdom and knowledge. How amazing that you can "predict" based on your knowledge what Bryan's status will be. That can only be from the Lord, as man has to go medical/nursing school to learn that!
That is another blessing for you to count in your suffering, as you can share this knowledge with others.

I appreciate you being so "REAL" in your posts about your fears, your feelings and concerns. It sets other women free to do the same in their own lives.

May the Lord richly bless you all today.

Anonymous said...

We love the Lord because He answers prayer! To Him be the glory! We continue to stand with you, clinging to our gracious Lord.