Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Numbers, numbers, numbers

1 -- days home from camping; arrived at chemo 9:00AM; falling asleep driving home at 4:00PM
<1.2--total bilirubin goal
2-- times Bryan spoke at the campout
3-- days (nights) of rain while camping
4-- shirts Bryan wore to stay warm; also coat, scarf, hat and wool blanket!
almost 5--liters of TPN infused daily
5.0--current bilirubin level
9.8--CEA tumor marker reading for this month!!!! The CPT-11 is working.
11--people in my immediate family satisfied with the weekend already talking about next year!
16--loads of wet laundry in the past 24 hours--I'll tackle the dry stuff tomorrow.
25.6 --last CEA reading; very discouraging but it allows for a bigger praise gap with the 9.8.
700--pictures Sarah took camping; hopefully, I'll post some soon!


Dina said...

Hi! I've been checking daily to see how the camping trip went for your family! Nicholas told me how wet it was at times, but also that he loved every minute of it! They, too, came home with loads and loads of wet laundry. But 16 loads in 24 hours? That's IMPRESSIVE! (Must have had someone on duty throughout the night, too!) So glad about the CEA reading being lowered so much from the last. Hurray!!! Can't wait to see a few of Sarah's pictures...700 will take a while to sort through, but GREAT JOB, SARAH!!! Wonderful reminders of precious (if wet) time together!!! God is so great! I kept praying that no little ones would get lost or hurt...Thank YOU Jesus! Take Care, Dina

Mrs. Theresa Frees said...

You heavens above, rain down righteousness; let the clouds shower it down. Let the earth open wide,let salvation spring up, let righteousness grow with it; I,the LORD, have created it.
Isaah 45:8
Our God is faithful in all things!!
Love & prayers to you all :0)
Mrs. Frees