Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Longer A Quart Low

It is amazing to me the difference two units of blood has made in Bryan! The lightheadedness and blackouts have ended. His color is better. He was a bit peppier today and seemed to have more strength. We visited with his primary care doctor today who told us of a 93 year old patient who goes in for a top off every two to three weeks. He said, if necessary, he could put Bryan on that schedule. It is so nice working with pro-life doctors!

The hiccups are still gone! That alone is a great energy booster. He's looking forward to getting his strength back to be able to walk around the block and climb into the pulpit again soon!


Holston Family said...

We look forward to that "climb into the pulpit again soon!"

Thank you for letting us know more often how Bryan and family are doing.

God bless you,

for the Holston Family

Nanci Smith said...

What a powerful "object lesson" about the power of the BLOOD of Christ.
Praising the Lord with you all.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It does make you thankful for the health care available to us! But only, as you say, when the doctors are prolife to boot. God is good! So glad Pastor Bryan is feeling better.
Carolyn Young

Victoria said...

Yay, God! I am grateful and humbled by His power. "What cannot God do?"

Glad to hear of your progress.