Saturday, September 19, 2009

No News Means We Have Been Busy!

This past week we have canned peaches and pears (17 boxes of fruit). Mom spent the whole time running around to various dr. offices and I (David) peeled fruit for 12 hours straight(or something like that). Sarah didn't even feed me; Hannah and Daniel made lunch. Dinner was late and outside in the dark. We ate more fruit flies than food. Last night was the exception, because I grilled the salmon and Mom finally cut peaches for the fruit salsa! Music from the 1920's and 30's kept us going. Jonathan and I nicknamed one another, "Peachy Pants" and "Hot Syrup." They say when you are exhausted you get giddy, now I think I understand. We had a Ball!

Seriously folks, Dad continues to have internal bleeding problems which the doctors don't know what to do about. We hope that it is dying tumors. He has quite a bit of fluid retention. The fainting has reduced some and the blood pressure seems to be rising, thank God! The hiccups only bother him at night while "sleeping." Although he has a strong voice, he will not be preaching tomorrow because of fatigue. Through the trauma of the week, God has been faithful. We continue to call upon His name to bring healing to Dad.

That's all f0lks!

"Peachy Pants"


Dina said...

Dear David (a.k.a.:"Peachy Pants"), Not being a "canner" myself, I thought I was quite clever to figure out that you must have "Ball" on the brain because that is a brand of canning jars...I figured you probably didn't even realize why the word was at the forefront of your mind! But then I realized that you, along with many who follow this blog, know very well it was a double-entendre (?) or something! :) So you peeled fruit from morning 'til night but you needed your mom to cut the peaches??? Funny!! I like the skills you kids know how to do!!! I don't know any other boys who know how to can! A young man of many talents!

That would be WONDERFUL if the bleeding was being caused by DYING tumors!!! How awesome would that be???

It seems God surely must be pleased with how all you kids are pitching in and taking care of things, even as your Mom is pretty busy helping take care of your Dad right now. A testament to the great job they did raising you all! Take care and God bless, Dina

Mrs. R said...

Dearest Peachy Pants and Hot Syrup,
Congratulations on getting all that fruit canned! What a blessing you were to your precious mother! What blessings you both will be to your future wives (should the Lord proved). But Sarah didn't even feed you?? Couldn't you have eaten a peach or pear... or two... or three? You can thank the Lord for your little brother and sister making you lunch. You will be such an inspiration to Blake! As our only child, he regularly has to help me in the canning chores. He is well acquainted with all manner of canning and drying fruit! Remind me to show you the picture of him wearing his swim goggles to protect his eyes from the onion fumes when we made salsa!!!

We have been praying for your Dad's full recovery. I just pray the those dying tumors don't go so quickly as to cause "other" problems!

Oh, and if you and Jonathan had a "Ball", does that mean you are going to wear glass slippers too? You know, to the ball at the castle.
Bibbity Bobbity Boo!
~Mrs. R

Dina said...

Hi, Pollock Family! I forgot to thank David for explaining who Hot Syrup and Peachy Pants were...I was confused on Sarah's facebook, who she was talking about!

Actually, I have heard this before, but it was just sent to me again in an email from a friend in South Africa today: "Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its trouble, it empties today of its strength." Yeah, I have to keep remembering that!

Love to you all, Dina