Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today's Update

My dad has been hospitalized due to extremely low blood pressure and an elevated pulse rate. Earlier this afternoon, he was experiencing light headedness and shortness of breath and nearly fainted. His blood pressure was taken and his numbers were not good. Paramedics were called and they put him on oxygen and gave him an IV feed. Once stabilized, he was transported to the hospital.

Tests revealed that there was internal bleeding somewhere, and a transfusion was required. He will be held overnight for monitoring and will undergo an endoscopy and colonoscopy presumably tomorrow, to find the source of the bleeding. Please pray that the doctors will find the blood source quickly and will solve the problem. We know that God's will is being done and are resting in His Sovereign Grace.

Jonathan, for the Pollock family


Esther Zimmerman said...

Our family is friends with the Bittners...just wanted to comment and let you know you all and especially your Dad is in my prayers.
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you and for your papa. May God give the doctors wisdom beyond their years and may the Lord bring peace beyond understanding. Lots of love to you - The Bryan Family

Matt Holst said...

We are keeping your father and all of you in our prayers. Try to have a blessed Lord's Day as you rest in the knowledge that our God is sovereing and our King is on the throne!

The Holst Family

Teatotaler said...

Hello Jonathan,
I'm so proud of you and the fine young man you've become. I'm praying fervently for your dad.
blessings, Nancy Florance

raed guirguis said...

Dear Pastor Bryan, Susan and family

Please know that we are standing with you in prayer for a complete healing for Bryan. May God's peace continue to reign in your hearts.

with love
Raed and Nadia Guirguis