Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Bryan didn't come home yesterday, and after my phone call with him just now, he most likely will not be coming home today! We are disappointed.

We were very encouraged as his hematocrit raised as high as 34, Monday evening. Since the 34, though, he has had a downward spiral to 31 and now 27. This is a good indicator of more internal bleeding. Anything below 25 justifies more blood. Please pray for it to remain above 25!

He is no longer in the PCU. Last night they moved him to the oncology floor. It is a rather morbid place. Very stark and people coughing and yelling. I've been spending nights with him while he was in the unit, but came home last night to get things ready to bring him home. Now, I wish I had stayed. He did say he had the best sleep since he arrived at the hospital. Thank you, Lord!

We really appreciate all the prayers, love, thoughts, notes, comments which you have sent our way. We are truly blessed.

In His Grace,


Joan said...

Oh Susan, I am disappointed too! We will keep praying.

Dina said...

Susan, thank you so much for your updates. It really helps to know what we are praying for each day. I just adore the picture of you and Bryan, just to the right of these blogs, and I love to scroll down to the pic with the kids and remember to pray for them while they are taking care of each other at home. May God continue to accomplish His perfect will through these trying times.
"Trust Him when dark doubts assail thee. Trust Him when your faith is small. Trust Him when simply to trust Him, is the hardest thing of all." God bless Bryan, you, Susan, and the kids and please thank them for their blogs here as well. We appreciate them! Love, Dina Allen and Family (Letricia Hatch's sister.)

Marina said...

Bryan and Susan,
Stan and I are praying for you all and thinking about you constantly. If there is anything we can do please ask. We love you all.