Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chemo Day Two 02/03/09

Yesterday, was a better experience than last week for Bryan. We were better prepared--trying to get back into the groove of chemo. A week of nausea was too much to not be prepared. The shocking event was a seven pound weight loss. He tips the scale at 125, that is not good! The nausea just overtook him and he was afraid to eat to prevent vomitting. After discussing this with the nurse practitioner, she suggested he may have been in a viscious cycle of low blood sugar causing nausea, not feeding it, then the blood sugar dropping more, causing more nausea. We chose to fill him with food before chemo and then munching all during his infusion. He said he felt stronger as a result but he still suffers from the nausea today. Please pray we can conquer this nausea and Bryan can gain weight. Though he has had nausea today, he has been able to keep his food down.

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