Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Lifestyle Change

We received devastating news today: the stenosis in my duodenum is almost completely blocked and no food is passing through. As a result, I will need to have a feeding tube placed for nutrition and a drain for the stomach. This is not a death sentence, but a lifestyle change which will take some getting used to. This is God's way of relaxing my grip on earth and its tastes and pleasures and giving me a relish for the greater tastes and glories of heaven. Please pray for us as we go through this time of changes for my family and me.

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Dina said...

Dear Bryan, Boy, that is...frustrating and other words I can't find right sorry to hear about it. I looked up duodenum stenosis and came across pyloric stenosis, which is a congenital defect (babies get it) where the opening of the pylorus is too narrow. Do they know what caused yours to close up? Do they know if you've had it a long time or it just happened recently (and got worse, obviously.) I sure wish it was one of those that that stent could have gone in and opened up the way. I wonder if some Dr.s are trying that on some "guinea pig patients" or if it's just impossible. It's amazing you've been able to put on any weight at all with that occurring, but thankfully, with the feeding tube in place, your weight gain will be more substantial than it has been. (Not sure how the tube works, if it stays out of your stomach, the nausea shouldn't cause you to lose what you've eaten? I'm learning so much here...sorry for when I am speaking inaccurate things.) Well, your attitude is so admirable, my family and I just keep praying for your continued positive attitude and reliance upon Him. God bless, The Allens.