Friday, May 29, 2009

Morning Report

Bryan just phoned. I was at the hospital last night, or this morning, until 12:15 waiting for the doctor. Bryan said it was good I went home to get some sleep because the doctor didn't arrive until 3:15 at which time Bryan had an EKG and blood drawn. He will have the scope later today after receiving 2 units of blood. (For those of you who participated in the Pilgrim Bible blood drive enough time has elapsed for you to give again!)

Thank you for your continual prayers, calls, notes, gifts, all are a blessing to us and our family!


Joan said...

Praying still! Love you all.

Dina said...

Dear Susan, Previously someone wrote "when you are not posting, then we know to pray more." That is how I've been feeling lately, like "Uh oh, Lord, is everything all right?" And then I don't check in for a day and all of the sudden there are 3 new posts...I was just thinking in the past hour that it is so much easier to know what to pray for when there are plenty of posts/updates, and here I have them!!! Thank you, Sarah, too, for your posts about your Dad, Susan, I think your idea is super-cool about going into the hospital kind of looking for others whom you can be a comfort too, that verse in Cor. is great. I love it! I'm praying for Bryan and you and your whole family. God bless you all. Love, Dina for The Allens in CO.