Monday, July 13, 2009

A New Procedure

Tomorrow morning, at 7:30, Susan and I will be at Swedish Hospital reporting for a stent placement to drain the bile duct. Today's CT scan revealed a dialated bile duct, but there is no apparent tumor associated with it. I will spend one night for observation following this procedure. It is hoped that this stent will relieve the jaundice. Please pray that it will also stop the hiccups (day 13) and help restore strength to my body. Again, thank you for your ongoing prayers for us. We continue to trust the Lord for healing. We will update you when we return home from the hospital in a couple of days.


Dina said...

Boy, 15 MINUTES of hiccups can be annoying! Thank goodness for those pills that give you 4 hour reprieves! Praying all goes well at Swedish. Nearly every week it seems your posts remind me of new things to thank God for in my own life...(including no hiccups), and I'm more appreciative of being able to chew and swallow a bowl of Corn Flakes than I ever have been before in my life! (I just had a bowl a few minutes ago.) The thought of not being able to swallow any food again definitely makes each bite sweeter! God bless you both, Dina

terri said...

WOW! I know God is faithful and your family is the real life evidence of that! I continue to pray that God would heal Bryan and that He would provide an extra measure of His strength for Susan as you walk out this journey ... it really is the little "surprising" things that require God's grace in extra measure (like constant hiccups! - can't imagine!) and your faithfulness is a tremendous testimony to His grace being sufficient for us ... I am praying and standing with you before His almighty throne!
Terri Whitehouse