Friday, July 31, 2009

Friends With Cancer Update

I thought I would give a few details regarding the list of friends with cancer:

Colin is the nephew of our long time friends, the Ngs, and he lives in Alaska with his family. He just reached the one year mark of his leukemia diagnosis and has finished one of three years of treatment and has been doing quite well for which his family is very encouraged. Friday, the doctors in Anchorage thought his cancer had returned, but after doctors in Seattle examined the labs they said everything was fine. He'll continue receiving his daily chemo treatments at home. The 24 hour roller coaster ride was tough but praise God for the great outcome!

Gabri is the daughter-in-law of a former piano teacher and friend. She and her husband, John, have been married three weeks and her thyroid cancer diagnosis is newer than that. They need prayer for financial decisions. She only has health insurance through the end of August. Pray for wisdom for them as the face so many decisions that can rock the boat of seasoned couples. Pray for grace, strength and wisdom beyond their years.

We met Joe (liver) and Judy (pancreatic) at the Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center. We haven't seen either of them for a few weeks so I don't know their recent specific prayer needs. Pray for wisdom, strength, courage, lack of side effects, encouragement and hope; these are the needs of all cancer patients.

Julie, like all of these friends, needs a miracle. Her breast cancer has metastasized extensively to the bone. Pray for comfort and lack of pain.

Mike, my cousin's husband, is in a clinical trial. He travels to Southern California from Southern Oregon every three weeks for his treatments. He has continued to work through this time but is currently not feeling well. Pray for healing and encouragement.

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Mikaela said...

Thank you for more details on these suffering ones. I will be praying!