Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Small Miracle

After a discouraging chemo day last week, followed by a week of diarrhea leading to dehydration, we expected either a significant weight loss or at best no gain or loss. However, much to our surprise, when I mounted the scales, they indicated a one pound weight gain!! God be praised for His mercy! After spending nearly a week on the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) diet, hardly a weight gainers diet, a one pound weight gain was manna from heaven. In addition to this "miracle," my hematocrit registered a 31.1, one of my highest readings since last year. All told, these two pieces of news were most encouraging.

In retrospect, we now see that our failure to report last week's findings in a timely manner was wrong. We should have let you know immediately so you could help pray us through our discouragement. Please accept our sincerest apologies for suffering in silence and not letting you know the discouraging details. Scripture calls us to bear one another's burdens, and we chose to bear them alone.


Lanes said...

Brian and Susan,
I know Tuesday must be a long and exhausting day and I sure knew to pray more when there was nothing on your blog. Please know even though I didn't know the details I did know to pray, (being that is all I can do, I am thankful to be able to). Even when you may not be sharing details you are not bearing them alone, although I know it must seem like that at times.
Thanks for sharing your news today and I will continue to keep you in my prayers, rejoicing in the good news and prayerfully supporting with not so good news or no news.

TJ said...

We are certainly praising God for His endless mercies and surprises! Who would have thought one pound would be so significant! ....and thanks for sharing! TJ

Carolyn Young said...

God be praised! And do keep us informed!
much love,
the Youngs

Nanci Smith said...

I am constantly amazed at how mightily the Lord uses your sufferings to minister to others. I have shared this blog with several friends who are dealing with crises and they are consistently blessed and strengthened in their walks because of your walk.
The one thing that really stood out to me in this post is that you said "scripture calls us to bear one another's burdens". I love to pray for others, but sometimes I feel shame when I ask others to pray for me in my trials, especially when the trial has been so long (14 years and counting praying for my husband's salvation). I felt the Lord remove that shame when I read your post. Thank you and bless you that even in your deep suffering you are ministering to so many people.

I always pray more for you all on Tuesdays. :)

Victoria said...

Prayer WORKS!