Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Morning

Good Morning!

Yesterday's red cell tag scan was negative. This means there is no longer any active bleeding. This afternoon, Bryan will be scoped to determine what may have been the cause of bleeding. We are hoping for good news. If it is nothing too serious, then he will come home this evening and, hopefully, get some good food (green jello and broth isn't that great!) and rest (poking and prodding all night didn't allow him to sleep well). His hematocrit is up, but the doctor has ordered another unit of blood to keep it there. Bryan is in good spirits and he looks great. I would love to be able to administer a bag or two of fluid on a daily basis. Hydration makes a big difference!

I slept well with James and Grace to keep me warm. Someday we'll post James's experience with Bryan at chemo last Tuesday. He had a blast!

Thanks for your continual prayers!


Fishngking said...

Thanks for the update, God is good to answer our desperate prayers! We will continue to pray this 'bump-in-the-road' is actually a good sign in disquise (tumor shrinkage). May God be praised! Give Bryan our love. Brenda for all the Ngs
~15 days till we can donate again~

Dina said...

Wow! So much has happened since I last checked in a couple of days ago! Sarah's description of the red cell tag scan sounds very interesting! Wish there were a camera following those cells, very neat! So glad the bleeding stopped, though! Well, kids, thanks for the updates, and I am hoping and praying your Dad gets to come home again soon! What a wonderful family! God bless you all, Dina

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan and Bryan!
Thank you so much for the update. We continue to pray for you all. I can well imagine how much fun 'mechanoid James' would have had with all the various machines, people, etc!

My the Lord continue to wrap His Everloving Arms around you.
~Evelyn Mae (for the Raymonds)

Sandy Bryan said...

So, being the medical whiz that I am I think I have discovered the true reason behind Byan's visit's to the hospital. The poor guy just wants his green jello and broth - what does a guy have to do to get his jello! If you need any more medical advice you know who NOT to call - ha! Seriously though, we are so glad to know you will be home soon!
Much love,
The Bryan Family

moshe and wendy buesing said...

Hey Pollock Family,
Your brother and sister on the east coast are praying for all of you. We love you and miss you all.

Moshe and Wendy