Thursday, November 12, 2009


Praise God! Through the diligent efforts of many a location for Saturday's services has been found!

We will gather at 11:00am at Life Center Church, 1717 S. Union Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405.
For driving directions:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for every update and piece of information. We may be far away, but we are keeping you all close in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for allowing us to share this time with you in this way.

Joy Ng

Anonymous said...

Wish we could be with all of you in Tacoma right now. We're praising God for Bryan's life and testimony. We know that God will be honored today as you celebrate Bryan's life... and the ripples of Bryan's influence will extend far into the future. May God give each one of you his special peace and comfort right now.

Joy Ng

Art Lutz said...

Dear Susan,
My words are few, and I know my sorrow for you and your family won't come close to what you are enduring.

The human spirit was created for enternity and we will all be together in the promised land.

Life is bootcamp for eternity and Bryan has graduated with honors.

Your friend,
Art Lutz